CDR-View user Guide

Wildix CDR-View is an extension of Wildix Collaboration, it serves to monitor in real-time the call activity of the employees and provides online and offline reports related to the number of calls, costs, call duration, usage of trunks, etc and allows you to analyze the activity of call agents and response groups. 




  • Mac OS X 1-.11 and higher 
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and higher 

Web Browser:

  • Google Chrome 
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox 

Our advice use only Google Chrome 

Wildix applications:


Activation and rights of CDR-View:

To access the CDR-view function you need specific rights, these can only be assigned by a user with admin rights. 


Launch CDR-view

Download CDR-View launcher. 





Start CDR-View: 

  • Collaboration top menu
  • Collaboration History > CDR-View button 


Create reports


1-Predefined filters: a selection of ready filters allowing you to create a report 

2-Filter section: manually adjust the filters to match your search criteria 

3-Grouping by/Metrics: after have applied filters, you can choose how to group the results, then select the Metrics parameter for analysis (count of events; Cost of events; talk time of events) 

4-Full screen mode: activate/deactivate 

5-View report in the form of data grid/charts (5 types) 

6-Save your report: you must specify the name of your report, add a description; it's possible to share your report with other users. 

7-Export your report: datagrid can be exported into .xls/.csv; charts are exported in .png format 

In addition: 

  • Shard reports: load reports previously saved and shared by you or another user 
  • Personal: load personal reports previously saved by you 


Filter section

  • Direction (Internal to External/External to Internal/Internal to Internal): it is possible to search by number/group/contact/pattern
  • Services (call, Fax, Voicemail) 
  • Cost (specify the cost range) 
  • Tag (select tags); note tags need to be added in de dialplan 
  • Talk time (specify the talk time period)
  • Period (specify the time range) 
  • Trunks (select the trunks) 
  • PBX (select PBX in network note: filter is available if you have more than one PBX 

How to: 

  • Clear the filters by clicking on "Reset" 
  • Display the results by clicking  "Apply" 


Direction filter: Search by number/group/contact/pattern 

Type the data into the input field ad illustrated on the screenshot below and click on "+"; otherwise, tick off the checkbox 



Search by pattern: use the % symbol (supported formats: %X, X%, %X%)


55% matches any number starting with 55 

%55 matches any number finishing with 55 

%55% matches any number containing 55


Grouping by Metrics 

Any report needs at least two parameters for analysis, CDR-View allows you to select by which parameter to group the events (by dag/user/company/etc) and to select the Metrics for events (by cost/by talk time/by Quantity) 





Update: Sync the last events 

Settings: select the sync Period (once applied, sync is performed)/set up the SLA/set up the number of ring time in seconds to consider the call as a missed call



































































































































The first time you launch CDR-View, you are invited to download the Integration Service. Once the download is finished, install the application. 

















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