Connecting one W-AIR headset


Connecting the W-AIR headset 


1 - Microphone

2 - Mute button

3 - Call button

4 - Volumebutton

5 - LED Indicator

6 - AUX Function button (Power On)

7 - Volume+ button

8 - Speaker

9 - Charger

To register the headset, press 3 buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. 

Press the Buttons simultaneously call (3) -- button volume+(4)-- button volume-(7)

The headset will then go into registration mode and the LED will briefly turn blue and you will soon hear registration.  When the headset makes contact with the base station and is connected, you will hear a one-time registration. Make sure the headset is within the range of the base station.

Connecting the headset on collaboration. 

When the headset is registered at the base station follow the steps below:

1. Go to the collaboration top menu -> Select device selection




2.Select the device by pressing (+ add device) 


3. Press the call button for the 4 digit code to connect the headset to collaboration.

4. Enter the code and the headset will display the message "Activated, thank you"



























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