Geen devices en "Web" in Collaboration

Wildix Collaboration can be used via Hardware devices, via your Chrome browser and Wildix native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. The devices will appear in your Devices menu in the top navigation bar.

"Web" will only been visible when the WebRTC connection of the Web Phone is activated. Devices with no headset connected or build-in microphone cannot make calls. Verify the Web Phone in your personal Settings.

When no devices and no "Web" is available in Collaboration this can be caused by the following situations:

  1. You do not use any devices or Web Phone and you make calls on your Mobile Device, those devices will only be visible when the Mobile App is opened.
  2. You do not have a headset connector or build-in microphone on this device, verify the Web Phone in your personal Settings.
  3. Your firewall or network is blocking WebRTC connections, please check with your Network Administrator.
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