Creating automated replies based on HTTP Targets

Note We do not recommend the use of automated replies on Google My Business reviews as it will create a poor customer experience for your customers. Use it at your own risk! Also, please consult Zendesk's documentation about Race conditions when combining this trigger with other triggers.

In case you want to set up automated replies in Zendesk you can use the HTTP Target and use Zendesk's API to automate a regular agent reply. The reply will in this case always been posted to your ticket by the same agent.

  1. Go to Admin > Settings > Extensions
  2. Click Add Target and choose HTTP Target
  3. Title: Update ticket
  4. URL:{{}}.json (Replace with your account)
  5. Method: PUT
  6. Content-type: JSON
  7. Enable the option Basic Authentication, if you have Password Acces enabled under Settings > API you can just fill in the username and password of your Zendesk account. If you disabled Password Access and use Token Access you can create a new API token and copy this to the Password field. As username, you enter your email address and add /token to the end.
  8. When completed you switch the Test target dropdown to Create target and choose the Submit button.
  9. Now your HTTP Target is completed you can go to Admin > Business Rules Triggers and choose Add trigger.
  10. Under Meet ALL of the following conditions you add the following items:
    • Ticket > Is > Created
    • Channel > Is > Google My Business
  11. Optionally you could, for example, let positive reviews be answered automatically. In this case, you could add the following items under Meet ANY of the following conditions:
    • Subject text > Contains the following string > ★★★★★
    • Subject text > Contains the following string > ★★★★☆
  12. Now we have created the right conditions for our trigger we can continue and select the Actions we want to use. For the automated reply you now add the following:
    • Notify target > Update ticket
      As message us the following code and replace the body in the API call with your reply:
      {"ticket": { "comment": { "body": "Thank you for your review." }}}
  13. Choose the Create button in the bottom right.


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